What is The Israel Palestine Project?

Getting to the Source

In the persistent conflict between Israel and Palestine, there lurk little-noticed phenomena at its source. The events and interactions between the two peoples have produced, over time, conflicting interpretations and myths. These disparate images and stories are deeply held in the national consciousness of each community, and lie at the heart of the conflict.

The Israel Palestine Project (TIPP) is a 501c3 non-profit organization that provides for strategic, multi-phase intervention through initiatives that target the source of this ongoing conflict since its origins in the 19th Century. TIPP defines that “source” as the contradictory stories that are held in the consciousness of the Palestinian and Israeli peoples. Sociologists refer to such stories as “national historical narratives”. These contradictory stories evolved through history and live in the literature and minds of both both peoples.

In its first initiative, now nearly complete, TIPP has created A Common Historical Narrative. This narrative is the work of a dedicated international team over almost a decade. Through sometimes stormy sessions, and with great courage exhibited by the core Palestinian and Israeli participants, the team generated an extraordinary braiding of the two opposite and contradictory narratives into one. This new narrative can allow for a transformation of the conflict at its very source.

An Empowering Context

"A world in which people live in peace and security, with mutual respect and honor" - this is the context within which The Israel Palestine Project operates, drawing strength and inspiration.

The reality of violence and discord emanating from the relationship of the Palestinian and Israeli peoples stands in the way of normalcy for both. The consequent and constant irritation of the unresolved condition of “Occupier” and “Occupied”, the unremitting attempts at a military solution, the unrelenting program of settlement, and the repeated failures of political attempts to resolve the dividing issues, produce a demoralizing impact on many Israeli people and desperation and despair among the Palestinian people.

The establishment of a new Palestinian/Israeli relationship, embodying mutual respect and honor, will release an enormous amount of energy and creativity, empowering new leadership and bringing present the possibility of the end of the ongoing violence. The actions and results, fueled by the new possibilities in this relationship, will alter and transform relationships across the Middle East and throughout the world.

TIPP’s Mission

Transforming the source of the conflict - at its very essence, this is TIPP’s mission: to transform the source of the historically-developed relationship between the Israeli and Palestinian peoples so that new possibilities, until now unimaginable, can emerge.

TIPP is committed to producing a quantum leap toward establishing new common ground in the ongoing dialogue to create this common future. We see A Common Historical Narrative, which honors and dignifies both the Palestinian and Israeli peoples, as a powerful tool in initiating and supporting new leadership to generate this transformation.

TIPP’s first initiative will be completed by publishing and distributing A Common Historical Narrative widely, promoting dialogue in communities throughout Israel and Palestine, and by providing (wherever possible) the narrative to schools in Israel and Palestine.

In TIPP’s second initiative (currently in the planning stage), our focus will shift to programs, to be conducted throughout Palestine and Israel, in which participants will have the authentic experience of “completing the past” – freeing themselves from a past enshrined in the separate narratives that divide both peoples. 

Engaging with A Common Historical Narrative in a process that profoundly listens, reveals commonality, and engenders acceptance, allows new possibilities for the future, including the emergence of new leadership. This process, as demonstrated by The Israel Palestine Project, can become a model pathway for the resolution of inter-generational and intransigent conflicts throughout the world. 

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