Nancy Black

Nancy Black has been writing for publication since childhood. She and her husband Isaac Hernandez have owned and operated Mercury Press International since 1991, a media services agency that provides words, images and video to magazines, books, periodicals, visual media and commercial clients, for editorial, commercial, and PR purposes.

Nancy and Isaac, a photographer, serve as correspondents for El Mundo, Spain’s second-largest national newspaper, and the world's largest Spanish-language periodical. She writes a series on inspiring women for Yo Dona magazine. She, Isaac, and El Mundo correspondent Carlos Fresneda have been collaborating on "The EcoHeroes Project" for over a decade: a series of interviews and profiles on global environmental leaders published in El Mundo and other periodicals, including a public exhibition before an audience of 80,000 at the Santa Barbara 40th Anniversary of Earth Day Celebration.

Nancy is also a syndicated columnist with Tribune Media Services, continuing her mother Linda C Black's popular horoscopes column after her death, which appears in newspapers and online around the world for more than 10 million readers.

Nancy served as Board President for Pesticide Awareness and Alternatives Coalition (2004-2007), contributing to the near-eradication of pesticides in city parks and schools in Santa Barbara. She won a Congressional Award for this work. She currently participates as a member of a national coalition of non-profits working with the Environmental Protection Agency regarding US pesticide regulation.

Nancy participated as Board VP of Media for the Santa Barbara Chapter of the Association of Women in Communications for three years (2007-2010), and has participated with Landmark Education since 1974. She has participated with The Israel Palestine Project from 2007 to the present, on the Leadership Team as Director of Communications, managing publication submissions, external communications and PR.

Nancy's specialties include international copyright, media, publishing, editing, writing, journalism, online media, media relations, photography, art, marketing, social media and communications.

Nancy spent her childhood living on a sailboat, and has enough sea hours to be a charter skipper. She earned a BA in Studio Arts from the University of California at Santa Barbara and is an accomplished oil painter and musician.

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