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Welcome to Transforming the Source, the official blog of The Israel Palestine Project! At this critical point in TIPP's evolution, we are literally reinventing ourselves. With The Common Historical Narrative now complete and awaiting publication, we are now conceiving the programs that will take TIPP's work to the next stage in transforming the source of the conflict between the peoples of Palestine and Israel. As creativity flourishes in conversation, this blog is an intrinsic and vital tool in our process of reinvention. Please join us and provide your comments!

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Meet the Bloggers

211px-JackBerriault-cropped.jpgOur principal blogger is Jack Berriault, the founder and Executive Director of The Israel Palestine Project. As the dialogue evolves, other members of TIPP's leadership team may contribute posts and guests may also be invited. For background information on Jack, click HERE.

mitchell-plitnick.jpgClick HERE for our post introducing LobeLog blogger, Mitchell Plitnick, with a link to his latest post on Lobelog. Mitchell is a brilliant and insightful journalist covering the heart of the Palestinian Israeli relationship. We're pleased to share his posts.

220px-UriAvnery-cropped.jpgIn this post from Gush Shalom on the Iran Treaty, Uri Avnery writes "And what if the whole drama was only an exercise of deception? What if Binyamin Netanyahu was duped to become unwittingly the main collaborator of Iranian ambitions? Sounds crazy? Not really." Click HERE for Uri's latest post, The Treaty.

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