Celia Bray

As a psychologist, facilitator and life coach, Celia Bray has experience assisting people to deepen their connection to what truly inspires them and how they can live in a way that is true to who they are. She is highly experienced in working with people to access their strengths and overcome the barriers to achieving their goals.

A passionate ambassador for peace, Celia is committed to the success of The Israel Palestine Project. Her involvement in the project is through coordinating TIPP's communication style and structures so tha TIPP can reach a wide audience and supporting the implementation of its projects on the ground in Israel and Palestine.

In Australia, Celia has created and implemented leadership programs that have resulted in participants winning State awards and receiving National recognition for their contribution to Tasmanian communities. She is interested in the relationship between peace and leadership, and manages the Facebook Group, Peacebuilding International.

Through her training in group work, psychology and coaching, Celia is able to create programs that suit her clients' needs. She understands that every client has a unique set of circumstances and vision, and works with each to create a vision and strategy that is right for them. Through her coaching business, Omni Consulting, she has over 10 years experience working with individuals and groups in training, coaching, mentoring and counselling.

Celia’s work has received State and National recognition for leadership and achievement. In 2007 Celia won the Qew Orchards Outstanding Achiever Award at the Tasmanian Community Achievement Awards. She was in the top 5 finalists for the National Women’s Leadership Award sponsored by the ANZ Bank in 2007 (look in the 2007 awards), and is featured in the 2008 edition of Who’s Who of Australian Women.

Celia is a founding member and former Treasurer of the Tasmanian Subchapter of the International Coach Federation (ICF), and is a registered psychologist.

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