A New Possibility for the Middle East!

The conflict between Israel and Palestine exerts a deadly impact on the Middle East and across the globe. The many attempts to resolve this schism have proved ineffective and the conflict has only intensified. The world community response has moved increasingly toward deep resignation. Something entirely new is urgently called for!

Consider these questions . . .

  • What is the source of the conflict between Palestine and Israel – really?
  • What is possible for Israel and Palestine – the Middle East – the whole world –
    when the conflict is over?
  • Is there anything I can do about it – now?

These are the questions that faced the founders of The Israel Palestine Project (TIPP), over a decade ago. The answers to these questions are not obvious, and may surprise you. For certain, they are not about fixing the conflict – others are working hard in this realm. The answers to these questions are found not in the realm of change but of transformation: transforming the conflict’s very source and clearing a pathway to an unimaginable future beyond the conflict.

The Source of the Conflict

TIPP agrees with the assertions of leaders in both Israel and Palestine that the source of the conflict lies in mutually contradictory national histories which have developed over time and profoundly influence the actions taken by both sides. There has never before been a common history designed to be acceptable to both Israel and Palestine – until now. Through an international collaboration spanning nine time zones and almost a decade, we have now completed A Common Historical Narrative. This unprecedented accomplishment will serve as a crucial tool for building a new future for Palestine and Israel that cannot now even be imagined, let alone invented.

A Common Historical Narrative is only the first initiative of The Israel Palestine Project and sets the stage for our next initiative, transformational work on the ground in Israel and Palestine. Although the narrative is complete, TIPP's first initiative is not complete until the narrative is translated into Arabic and Hebrew, published, and widely distributed.

Exploring the Possibilities

This website has a wealth of information on The Israel Palestine Project and we invite you to explore. Check the Menu Bar at the top of this page to learn about TIPP’s history and leadership, read excerpts from A Common Historical Narrative, see who supports us, and get information on how to participate in TIPP’s projects and support our work financially.

To look deeper, explore The Path to Transformation.